Learn Albanian From Your Home


The great Isaac Asimov has been often credited for predicting the future of learning, particularly that of  online education, thus famously quoted “Self education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is”. Now we have the chance to learn of the English as a second language, Mathematics, and even coding, all in Albanian and free of cost. One can learn basic English grammar through Professor Qaza, primary school math, and fundamentals of coding.

ALMOOC.com stands for Albanian Massive Open Online Course and the project has brought together an impressive 10,000 student base through a successful cooperation between : RealVizuals, Te Profi Qaza, EduonGo, Edukim në Matematikë and Unë jam koder .


ALMOOC calls on all Albanian professionals and educational institutions to join this noble journey by providing quality education to all Albanians wherever they are, breaking down the barriers of location and financial hardship. You can all do so by applying here.

By: Valon Xoxa, September 15, 2014